5 Website Design Mistakes I Made (And How You Can Avoid Them)

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Let’s be honest, having a website is necessary to grow your brand reach. They’re the first impression you make on potential customers!

But, most website designs aren’t just worth it. I should know because I am a website developer myself, and being in the business for over 10yrs, I’ve seen it all – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!

I made a few website design mistakes myself in my early days. Some of them helped me lose precious clients, while others frustrated my website visitors until they bid farewell.

But hey, that’s how you learn, right? Today, I want to share those hard-earned lessons with you, so that you can learn from them and build a more modern and accessible website, even when you are not a developer yourself.

We’ll talk about the impact they have on your online presence, and more importantly, how to avoid them altogether.

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Mistake #1: Unresponsive design

Aside from being one of the most important SEO ranking factors, unresponsive website designs are enough to drive visitors away!

Think about it for a second, how often do you visit a website with your mobile phone versus with your laptop? Chances are that you are reading this on your smartphone, right?

According to a recent study, about 60.67% of website traffic comes from Mobile Devices. This means that more people actually view websites using their mobile devices.

When I started building websites in 2014, My first designed website was a complete joke, seriously. Well, as of that time, I knew nothing about “Responsive web design“, so I designed purely for desktop screens.

But there’s a problem. The end result was a complete disaster because frustrated mobile users ended up pinching their screens. The result? High bounce rates, low engagement, and ultimately, missed opportunities.

The fix? Use modern website builders.

With website builders like Hostinger, creating a website that adapts seamlessly across devices is easier than ever. Hostinger website builder uses a drag-and-drop builder with a mobile-first approach, meaning they are built with mobile users in mind.

Mistake #2: Confusing navigation

We all want our websites to look good, unique, and professional. But what about the navigation system? Most people often pay less attention when it comes to this side of the design.

Having a confusing navigation menu, or not having one at all is a terrible website design mistake, and unfortunately, most people make this mistake.

As a website designer, I’ve come across all kinds of navigation within client’s websites. Including hidden menus, overly complex dropdowns, etc. They may look good, but do they enhance user experience?

The thing is that, in good website design practice, it shouldn’t take users more than three clicks to find the information they are looking for on a website. Anything above that, well, you need to revisit your navigation.

For example, In 2017, I designed a website for a local bakery somewhere in Lagos Nigeria. The client loved the design and beautiful food photography but insisted on a “unique” navigation system.

So, I wrapped the menu items inside a series of icons and scattered them across the website.

What a big mistake! Users were completely confused as they couldn’t figure out how to access the menu. They had no clue where to find the “about us” section, or even the contact information.

As a result of that, the bounce rate was sky-high, and you already know, the bakery owner instantly got disappointed.

How to fix this? Well, it’s simple. Create a clear navigation menu and place it on strategic points of your website. Use clear labels, and be sure to avoid overly complex menus or dropdowns.

If you are using Hostinger website builder, it is super easy to build a navigation system that’s both intuitive and effective. Their drag-and-drop menu builder lets you easily add, remove, and rearrange menu items with a simple interface.

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Mistake #3: Poor Quality Images & Videos

Truly, every website needs visuals to stand out and engage visitors. But as for poor-quality images and videos, they are among the big website design mistakes you must avoid in 2024.

In fact, having a poor-quality image or video on your website is as good as not having one at all. It’s going to keep visitors frustrated, and might also increase bounce rate.

Like my grandpa always says; “Anything worth doing is worth doing well“, Visuals are no exception.

First of all, your website needs visuals (Images, videos, infographics) to connect deeply with readers. According to research, humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. This means that using visuals in your website design is a necessity, not optional.

But have you ever come across a website full of blurry, pixelated images or grainy, buffering videos? It’s not always a good experience, right?

A website visitor presented with blurry images or buffering videos is more likely to click away and find a website that offers a smoother experience. That’s your competitor directly stealing from you!

As a website designer, I’ve always known that lower media size (in KB) results in better page loading time. So, what I usually do is manually reduce the size of my images before uploading them to the server.

Is that what you do too? give me a high five!

But there’s a better way of doing this. Instead of cropping down the images to get a small size (and possibly lose the quality), There are online image compression tools that can reduce the file size of an image without compromising quality.

Mistake #4: Lack of Engaging Content

Not sharing original and valuable information on your website is one of the most common website design mistakes that most beginners make.

You already know that you need visual content on your (or client’s) website. But if those visual contents are not relevant and engaging, they shouldn’t be sitting there.

For example, suppose you are designing a website for a construction company. In that case, you will need to use relevant images like a gallery of photos showcasing the company’s past projects, or maybe Images of the construction company’s team members to create more connection with the website visitor.

What about “written texts“? your website should contain captivating stories and valuable information; Images and videos can’t say it all! It would be best if you used a combination of different content formats.

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys reading through dry, uninspired content. It’s more like a website equivalent of a content graveyard; nothing new to say, and visitors go home with nothing!

This kind of website will struggle to keep visitors engaged, resulting in high bounce rates and short session times (exactly what Google frowns at).

And, the problem with creating engaging content is that most of us find it hard to one. But there’s a solution!

Hostinger website builder is powered by AI, and packs so many AI tools including an AI writer, an AI Image generator, an AI blog generator, etc.

Mistake #5: No Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Call to action (CTA) is one of the elements of a website that most designers easily forget to add to a website.

Imagine building a website with a beautiful design and engaging content, but instead of guiding your visitors toward the desired action, you leave them all alone on the homepage…

Trust me, no matter what your website promotes, you will hardly see any conversion because even the most captivated visitor needs direction.

A website with stunning visuals and engaging content may entice visitors, but without having a clear CTA, they will be left confused and unsure of what to do next.

For example, let’s consider two online stores: Store A and Store B.

Store A has a clean, visually appealing homepage but no clear CTAs. Visitors can browse through the products, but there’s no obvious button guiding them to check out or learn more about specific items.

In contrast, Store B has strategically placed CTAs throughout its site – “Shop Now,” “Learn More,” and “Add to Cart” buttons are prominently displayed on each page.

Which store do you think converts more visitors into customers? Unsurprisingly, Store B sees higher conversion rates. The reason is simple: visitors know exactly what steps to take next.

In Store A, visitors might appreciate the aesthetics, but without clear direction, they’re less likely to complete a purchase.

That’s the power of a call to action.

To make conversion better, both stores can implement urgency-driven CTAs like “Limited Time Offer – Buy Now” or value-driven ones like “Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 – Shop Now.”

These CTAs not only provide direction but also create a sense of urgency and added value, prompting immediate action.

Conclusion – Don’t make these website design mistakes

The first thing that comes to mind anytime you want to promote your business is to create a website for it. Your website isn’t just an online representation of your business, it is a storefront where you showcase your products and services to attract buyers.

So, are you going to let avoidable design missteps hold it back?

Implementing the strategies we’ve covered here will help turn your website into a hub of engagement and conversion.

The most important thing you need while creating a website is to choose the right website builder that’s tailored to your needs. Hostinger stands ready to assist. They offer tools for crafting mobile-friendly designs, seamless navigation, stunning visuals, and compelling CTAs.

On top of that, Hostinger also offers AI-powered website design solution packs with different AI tools including Logo maker, Image generator, content generator, etc. to make website design easy for beginners.

Thanks for reading. What are your website design challenges? let me know in the comment section below.

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