How Tailwind Helps You Succeed on Pinterest in 2024

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Tony's Realm - How Tailwind Helps You Succeed on Pinterest in 2024

Do you want to know how to succeed on Pinterest in 2024? What if I told you that you can make the best out of Pinterest using a Pinterest marketing tool called TailwindApp?

This tool streamlines the process of publishing and managing your Pinterest account and brings you several opportunities to grow your Pinterest account from the ground up without hiring an expert.

In this post, I am going to show you how to top your Pinterest marketing game using TailwindApp, and finally succeed on Pinterest without spending money on agencies or ads.

If you are ready to grow your Pinterest account from scratch, let’s get started…

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What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a web application for Pinterest marketing that streamlines how users grow their Pinterest accounts. This tool offers a lot of benefits and opportunities to grow and maintain steady traffic to your business through Pinterest.

To simply put, TailwindApp is the most effective way to grow your Pinterest and drive massive traffic to your blog or online store.

What’s more interesting is that this app features tools for other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. So, If these are your primary marketing channels, tailwindApp offers a way for you to kill three birds with one stone.

How does TailwindApp work?

When doing Pinterest marketing, you are required to publish pins on your Pinterest boards consistently to keep your account active. If you are going to be doing this manually, it will take a lot of your time and effort.

That’s where TailwindApp comes in. First of all, TailwindApp is a scheduling tool that will help you schedule multiple pins to different Pinterest accounts from one dashboard.

And that’s not all. tailwindApp offers a bunch of amazing tools that can be considered “smart tools”. In fact, TailwindApp has a smart way of helping you achieve your dream of growing your Pinterest account by letting you:

  • Create your pin design
  • Schedule your posts using a smart queue schedule
  • Analyze your Pinterest account to decide the best time to publish your pins
  • Repin your contents to different boards at intervals you choose
  • Connect with other Pinterest to share content in TailwindApp communities
  • Provide an analytics tool to let you monitor your Pinterest performance
  • And many more…

When scheduling your pins, TailwindApp uses an interval schedule (smart loop) to space out your top-performing pins to make sure that your top pins are regularly seen.

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How to get started with TailwindApp for Pinterest

TailwindApp is a certified Pinterest partner. To start using TailwindApp, you need to log in with your Pinterest account.

Head over to the TailwindApp Homepage and click the “Sign up free” button. You will then be able to choose your preferred way of signing up. But because we are talking about how to succeed on Pinterest, go ahead and choose “Sign Up with Pinterest“.

Tony's Realm - How Tailwind Helps You Succeed on Pinterest in [year]

Nest step is to give TailwindApp access to your Pinterest account to be able to manage your Pinterest account and connect with your Boards.

Tony's Realm - How Tailwind Helps You Succeed on Pinterest in [year]

Once you grant this access, you can start using TailwindApp for Pinterest.

TailwindApp will then analyze your Pinterest account and blog niche to generate a smart schedule for you. You only need to upload your pins and tell the app the number of pins you want to schedule for your Pinterest account per day, and TailwindApp will take care of everything for you.

When it comes to uploading pins, TailwindApp gives you three options. You can either upload from a website using the browser extension, repin from your Pinterest board, or upload manually using the upload feature.

To upload a pin to TailwindApp from a website, you will need to have the web page open before launching the TailwindApp browser extension. Automatically, all pinnable images from that page will be uploaded to your tailwindApp account where you can now schedule them.

Your imported pins will come with their original meta title and description. you may need to modify things before publishing.

Features of TailwindApp for Pinterest

TailwindApp for Pinterest offers a lot of features and benefits including:

  • Scheduling and Automation
  • Pin Design
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Tailwind Communities
  • SmartLoop

Scheduling and Automation

The primary function of tailwindApp is scheduling and automation. this feature comes with a lot of other features to make it easy for you to schedule your pins and reach or audience.

The SmartSchedule makes it possible for Tailwind to analyze your audience’s activity patterns to determine the optimal times to post your Pins to increase engagement.

There is also the Bulk Image Upload feature that allows you to upload multiple images at once, with minimal effort. This streamlines the pin creation process and makes you more productive.

You can also organize your Pinterest boards in groups using the Board Lists feature so that you can organize your scheduling and the Interval Pinning feature that allows you to space out your Pins for steady engagement so that you don’t look spammy.

Pin Design

Tailwind offers quick and easy design tools to generate multiple pin variations from a single image whether uploaded or gotten from the web.

You will be able to customize colors, fonts, and layouts to meet your Pinterest pin design strategy.

Also, using the browser extension, you can grab images from anywhere on the web and turn to a pin instantly using the Tailwind create.

Analytics and Insights

Tailwind offers an analytics tool that provides thorough insights into how your Pinterest account is performing.

You will be able to track things like impressions, saves (repins), clicks, and more to understand the performance of your Pins and Boards.

You will also be able to analyze how effective your individual Boards are, to identify the top performers and also, the areas that call for improvement.

Tailwind Communities

Tailwind communities is a feature that connects you to other Pinterest users on Tailwind. You can join different communities and submit your pins there so that others can repin them on their board.

With Tailwind communities, you get to join relevant groups of Pinterest users. These people have one thing in common; to repin, and get their pins repined.

Plus, you get to find ideas for your next pin.


SmartLoop is a feature that allows automated reshare of your best Pinterest pins at optimal intervals.

This feature makes it possible for your evergreen content to stay longer on the top performers on Pinterest.

How to succeed on Pinterest using TailwindApp

To succeed on Pinterest using Tailwind, you have to, first of all, optimize your Pinterest account for SEO as this is the easiest way to be found on Pinterest without running ads.

After you have archived that, the next thing you will need to do is produce high-quality fresh pins consistently. And that is how Tailwind can help you succeed on Pinterest.

The best way to succeed on Pinterest is to be active on the platform. You need to keep publishing 5 – 15 pins daily before Pinterest can consider working in your favor, and that’s a lot of work. tailwind takes the board of publishing these pins for you, to help you maintain a constant presence on Pinterest without manually pinning all day.

Another way Tailwind can help you succeed on Pinterest is by spacing out your pins so that they won’t look spammy and annoying, and prevent you from landing into trouble with Pinterest.

If you have no idea how to create a Pinterest pin, Tailwind will guide you. you will be able to create highly engaging Pinterest pins using the Tailwind create feature, and by the way, this tool uses the correct image dimensions recommended by Pinterest.

What if you don’t have followers on Pinterest? never worry, because a Tailwind community might have thousands of active users, which means your Pinterest pins have a higher chance of going viral in minutes.


To succeed on Pinterest, you need to understand how to tell stories with images and publish pins strategically. Tailwind is going to help you discover new pins, plan your content strategy, and schedule your pins using a smart queue scheduler.

That does not guarantee that you will do well on Pinterest though. In fact, succeeding on Pinterest all boils down to creating content that resonates with your audience. If you don’t give your audience what they need, you will be spinning the wheels.

But the good news is that TailwindApp for Pinterest will give you ideas on what your audience wants to try, and also help you figure out what’s working for you for your account.

Lastly, you need to be active on the platform and interact with other users’ pins. Tailwind alone will not do all the work for you.

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