6 social media content ideas that actually get engagement (Not Just Likes)

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Tony's Realm - 6 social media content ideas that actually get engagement (Not Just Likes)

Struggling to find Social Media Content Ideas that get real engagement? We’ve all been there, every one of us.

You spend hours creating social media posts with amazing images and captions… and then… crickets. Instead of people engaging with your content, it’s only a few likes here and there.

It’s enough to make you want to give up on the whole social media thing, especially after you’ve poured your heart (and marketing budget) into it.

But wait, getting likes on your posts are great, sure, but they’re a one-way street. What you actually need are comments, shares, and discussions – the kind of engagement that builds a community around your brand.

In this post, we’ll delve into 6 social media content ideas that will get your audience talking, not just clicking. We’re talking about strategies that spark conversations, encourage participation, and leave your followers feeling truly connected to your brand.

Let’s get started…

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Social media content ideas for engagement

While there are many factors that might hinder your social media content from getting the kind of engagement it deserves, there are content ideas that have a higher chance of going viral.

So, tighten your seat belt, because we are about to drive through this together, and reveal some of the best social media content ideas that have the potential of getting engagement.

Idea #1: Ask questions & spark discussions

Did you know that asking more questions can spark discussion and get your audience engaged?

Brooks and John proved this by conducting a series of experiments where they paired up strangers and assigned each one of them one of three conditions:

  • High-question condition
  • Low-question condition
  • Control condition

Remember, this experiment was designed to explore the impact of asking questions within social interactions.

So, the people with the high-question condition were instructed to ask a relatively high number of questions, while the ones with the low-question condition were instructed to ask very few questions.

No specific instructions were given to the people with the control condition role.

After the interaction, the researchers had participants rate themselves and their partners on things like likeability, how enjoyable the conversation was, and willingness to engage in future interactions.

And here’s where the whole thing starts getting interesting!

The people who asked several questions were perceived as more likable than those who asked few questions. Also, they learned more about their partners compared to others

The key takeaway from this experiment is that questioning your audience allows you to gently steer the conversation and avoid awkward silences, which can increase comfort levels.

Now, how do you bring this to your social media marketing strategy?

  • Tailor your questions to your niche: Are you a bakery? Ask about your favorite childhood desserts or dream pastry creations.
  • Go beyond the obvious: Instead of “What’s your favorite color?” try “What color best describes your current mood and why?”.
  • Present dilemmas or thought-provoking scenarios: Pose a question that sparks debate, like “Coffee or tea? Why?” or “What fictional world would you love to visit and why?”.

Asking questions shows you care about your audience, and want to know more about them.

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Idea #2: Host contests & giveaways

Looking for social media content ideas that will make you go viral almost instantly? try hosting contests and giveaways!

Let’s be honest, can you resist giveaways? Probably not. Who doesn’t like free things?

For example, Ariely staged a promotion and had people line up outside the store to get free tattoos. And knowing fully well they were going to get a permanent marker on their skin, they actually lined up.

But the same people who lined up were asked if they’d be waiting in line to get the same tattoo if it wasn’t free, and 68% said no!

would you get this tattoo if it wasnt free  guide to lead magents

That’s the power of giveaways!

You see, when people have it in mind that they will be getting something for free, they don’t mind waiting in line for it.

Bringing it to the online space, people are naturally drawn to the chance of winning something. If engaging and promoting your brand will make them win something, they are in for it.

What’s more? Contests and giveaways are also effective when you want to capture leads for your business marketing. So, it’s a two-edged sword!

What do I mean?

Before someone enters your contest, the first thing they have to do is submit their email address and follow your business page. That way, you’re not only getting engagement, but commitment.

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Idea #3: Leverage user-generated content (UGC)

Did you know that people trust other people’s views about your brand more than they trust yours? This is because UGC provides a genuine perspective on your brand from real customers.

When you feature UGC in your social media marketing strategy, you’re essentially giving your audience a platform to say their mind. They will be able to share their experience, which in turn will help put your brand in front of potential customers.

But what exactly is user-generated content, and how does it help boost social media engagement?

Let’s say someone reviewed your product on Facebook and you featured it on your page, and boom! Comments start rolling in – people asking questions and sharing their own stories.

Suddenly that single review post builds a whole community centered around your business.

These are real people, real stories, and of course, free advertising! Don’t you think it is worth it?

But, how do you go about launching a UGC campaign? trust me, it involves a strategic approach that goes beyond simply asking for user-generated content.

Consider asking your customers to share their experience with your brand, product or services using your branded hashtags on social media.

You can even use it as an entry to your contest and giveaway. Yes, that’s an idea!

Idea #4: Host Q&A live sessions

Let’s face it, engaging your audience on social media feels one-sided at times. Your content shows up, that’s interesting… You are already getting a few likes… but where’s the real engagement?

Okay, let me guess… You are posting to create brand awareness, which is good!

But even at that, the algorithm needs real engagement in your posts to push it far.

One of the easiest ways to interact with your audience on social media is by making yourself available for question and answer.

And how? It’s by hosting a live section where you will be answering questions about your products and services.

With Q&A live sections, your prospects will fire questions in the comment section while you answer them live, on the spot. This is way more engaging than waiting for someone to slide into your DM.

Plus, the live video section has this cool, unscripted vibe. People get to see the real you, not the edited version. Come on, you know what I’m saying.

Think about it – wouldn’t you rather catch up with a friend face-to-face than just texting back and forth?

That’s exactly the kind of energy live video brings to social media.

You will have the chance to connect with your audience for real on the screen and clear their doubts about your brand by answering their questions.

Idea #5: Invite influencers

By now, you should already have known that getting organic reach on social media is a struggle. That’s how the algorithms are designed to work. They just won’t let you breathe.

But still, there is this other guy with millions of followers whose posts get at the top of every person’s feed. I’m talking about other established brands, public figures, and celebrities. Trust me, they can help boost your organic reach and engagement on your posts.

These guys are called influencers because of their ability to influence the opinions, attitudes, and purchasing decisions of their followers. And partnering with them can be profitable!

For example, Filip Tysander, the founder of Daniel Wellington (a watch brand known for its minimalist designs) wanted to create brand awareness on Instagram and get more engagement. But instead of doing it the traditional way, he decided to offer influencers free watches in exchange for featuring them in their posts.

Tony's Realm - 6 social media content ideas that actually get engagement (Not Just Likes)

This Idea worked very well for Filip because, at the end of the day, Daniel Wellington Grew to $228M in Just 3 Years!

But what happened? How did Daniel Wellington get there?

First of all, Filip gave these Influencers a free wristwatch and encouraged them to strike a pose with it and share it on their Instagram page using their branded hashtag (#DanielWellington). Next, he gave them a unique discount code to share with their followers.

As a result of this campaign, the brand attracted over 1 million Instagram followers within the first year and, as you read before, generated over $228 million in three years!

But that’s for Filip Tysander and his brand. So, let’s talk about you and your brand.

Inviting influencers to partner with you will open a new chapter for your brand. Imagine inviting your niche-related influencer for a Q&A section on your favorite social media platform. Even if people don’t know much about your brand, the presence of the influencer is enough to get them engaged.

If you are left behind on industry trends, you will have yourself to blame.

People crave information and opinions on what’s trending right now. Give it to them, and you will see your engagement soar.

What do I mean?

Let’s say the hot topic today, according to Google Trends is “Baltimore bridge“. Offering your insights or posing thought-provoking questions like this one: “Do Baltimore’s bridges act as unifying forces, or do they sometimes inadvertently reinforce economic or social divides within the city?” will surely invite discussion and debate.

Or should we look at it another way? how about sharing a story?

For example, If you are in the “Home & gardening” space, and the trending topic right now is “kids watering can“. You could write something like “Remember pretending your watering can had magical powers? ✨ Best memories. Still doing it sometimes, tbh… #kidatheart“.

You may notice there’s a hashtag in the last example. This is because trending topics often have their own hashtags. And by using relevant hashtags in your posts, you tap into a wider audience who are already interested in the topic.

So, how do you know what’s HOT right now?

Okay, I’ve mentioned Google Trends a couple of times, and that’s because it is a Google tool for monitoring trending topics, and how popular a topic is.

Just Visit https://trends.google.com/trends/ and explore what’s trending in different categories.


Alright, there’s your list! six awesome social media content ideas that’ll get people talking, not just mindlessly scrolling.

The thing about social media is, it’s not a one-way broadcast. So, don’t be deceived by those pointless ‘likes’ you get on your posts and focus on stuff that sparks real conversations, builds a community, and gets your audience to create their own content about your brand.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, be a little goofy, and let your brand’s personality come out! The best content gets people commenting, sharing, and feeling like they’re part of the fun. So try these ideas out, and watch those interactions blow up!

Thanks for reading, And don’t forget to share your thoughts using the comment form right below this post.

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