9 Profitable Affiliate Niches to try in 2024 (+ 45 Affiliate programs)

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Tony's Realm - 9 Profitable Affiliate Niches to try in 2024 (+ 45 Affiliate programs)

Ready to turn your passion into profit with affiliate marketing? Choosing the right niche, and promoting high-ticket affiliate programs is the key to success, especially now that everyone is on the Internet.

But, choosing a niche for your affiliate marketing business might seem difficult, especially for beginners with little or no experience. That’s why I’m revealing the top 9 most lucrative affiliate niches, complete with 45 high-paying affiliate programs you can join in 2024.

This guide empowers you to build an affiliate marketing business aligned with your interests and ready to generate income.

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1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Global Market Worth:$88.91 billion

SEO is a niche with a high-value audience. With so many businesses launching online, businesses are competing with others. And that makes the search engine optimization market an evergreen niche, with actual buyers.

People searching for SEO services or tools are willing to invest money in SEO in order to be found on Google and other search engines.

In fact, if you are starting a business in this niche, you will attract people who are already interested in the products or services you’re promoting because who doesn’t want organic traffic?

The downside of this niche is that it is highly competitive, which means it can be difficult for a beginner to rank for relevant keywords. Also, you will need to understand SEO principles and best practices well, before you can venture into this niche.

But being competitive doesn’t mean you should target this niche audience. In fact, there are several sub-niches within SEO that you can really become an expert in and even have a targeted audience.

For example, you can niche down to “Local SEO” and target local businesses who want to appear on local search.

SEO Affiliate offers to promote

  • SEMRush: A marketing software that handles all your customer’s marketing needs, Including SEO. It pays affiliates as high as 40% commission each time they bring in a paying customer. Their commission is also recurring. That means each time a customer renews their subscription, you will also be paid a 40% commission.
  • LINK-ABLE: A platform that offers link-building and content marketing services to help businesses rank. Their affiliate program pays as high as 50% (Up to $500) commission for referring a customer. Since their service requires a yearly membership subscription, you should expect a 50% commission every time the person you refer renews their subscription.
  • Mangools: A popular choice for small businesses and startups who need a collection of SEO tools to boost their SERP ranking, their affiliate program features a 30% recurring commission on all sales.
  • Rank Math: The best WordPress SEO plugin with premium features, Rank Math is a popular choice for website owners. Their affiliate program offers tiered commissions, ranging from $0.20 for free sign-ups to $149 for premium purchases.
  • Serpstat: An all-in-one SEO tool that can help businesses with their basic SEO needs. Their affiliate program will pay you a 30% recurring commission if you refer a paying customer.
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2. Insurance

Global Market Worth:$7793.45 billion

There is no doubt that the insurance policy is quite expensive, but this also means that you can earn significant commissions for each sale you generate for an insurance company.

People will always need insurance to protect themselves from financial losses due to accidents, illnesses, or other unforeseen circumstances. And the people looking for insurance services are ready to buy.

In fact, this market is evergreen because people will not stop buying insurance for their properties, even for their dogs and cats!

The drawback here is that, just like the previous niche, the Insurance market is also highly competitive. If you pursue a broad audience, without niching down, it can be difficult for you to stand out as a beginner.

Also, Let’s be frank, Insurance products can be complex and difficult for consumers to understand. So, for you to tap into this market, You’ll need to be able to explain these products clearly and concisely in your marketing materials.

That means you will need to first understand how this insurance thing works before anything else.

As a competitive niche, focusing on a specific sub-niche will give you more chances to stand out from the crowd.

Insurance Affiliate offers to promote

  • EHealth Insurance: This insurance company will pay you up to $75 commission for bringing in a client. They have more than 10,000 health insurance products, so finding a product to promote will not be a problem.
  • USAA: This one provides insurance services specifically for the military. They offer a variety of insurance products, and their affiliate program offers competitive commission rates.
  • Ladder Life: Ladder is a fast-growing company solving bigger problems. Their affiliate program will pay you up to $50 for referring a friend, and up to $1,000 for referring a client from California.
  • Esurance: Esurance uses Commission Junction to manage its affiliate program, which means you have to create an account with CJ Affiliate before you can promote their product. They offer up to $10 per lead.
  • Pet First: The Pet First affiliate program provides its affiliates with banner and text ads that they can use on their blogs and email campaigns. They pay affiliates as high as 8% commission when their referral traffic converts.

3. Real Estate

Global Market Worth:$637.80 Trillion

637….WHAT! Are you kidding me? Well, that figure came from a reliable source.

Real estate is a huge market, and every transaction here usually involves a significant sum of money. So, as an affiliate, your commissions can be substantial.

And you know what? This is an evergreen niche because people will always have a need to buy, sell, or rent properties, creating a consistent demand for real estate products and services.

Also, people searching for properties either want to buy or rent. So, you can start an affiliate marketing business around this niche and create a highly targeted audience who are ready to make a commitment.

The downside is that this market is already crowded. but that doesn’t mean there is no opportunity for beginners.

In fact, Real estate is so big that even beginners can easily find a targeted niche that is still underserved. for example, “first-time homebuyers in a specific area“.

Real Estate Affiliate offers to promote

  • Colibri Real Estate: Colibri Real Estate is offering an affiliate program where you can easily earn up to 25% commission on every customer you refer. They have a cookie life of one hundred days, which means, that if someone clicks through your affiliate link and makes a purchase even after 99 days, you still get paid for it.
  • Buildium: Another real estate affiliate program that pays up to 25% recurring commission is Buildium. Affiliates can sign up through Commission Junction or shareAsale to participate.
  • Foreclosure: If you are looking for a real estate affiliate program that has a longer cookie duration, then, forclosure is here for you. They have a six-month cookie duration and pay up to 25% commission to affiliates who bring in a paying customer.
  • Property M.O.B: If you are running a real estate affiliate business, this is a perfect place to start your affiliate journey. You will be paid 25% of the money you help them generate through your affiliate link. And again, their commission is recurring.
  • Dealcheck: Dealcheck lets online real estate investors and real estate professionals analyze rental properties. Their affiliates can get up to $20 per referrer.

4. Health and Wellness

Global Market Worth:$8.47  Trillion

Health & Wellness is a very large market, and also a profitable one. The market worth is valued at $8.47 trillion, which proves that there is money to be made here.

People will never stop prioritizing their health and well-being. And this has been the reason why this industry has continued to boom.

If you are an affiliate in the health and wellness niche, you stand a higher chance to be successful because this niche has a vast audience constantly searching for products and services to improve their health.

And trust me, there are a variety of products with high commission rates, from fitness equipment and supplements to workout programs and mental health resources.

But to succeed in this niche, you need to be a health expert (or maybe something close). because this type of niche requires expertise. So, don’t come and play with people’s lives.

Mind you, this niche is also very competitive! you will need to find a sub-niche within the health and wellness niche where you will focus your effort.

Health & Wellness Affiliate offers to promote

  • Thorne Research: Thorne Research offers a range of science-backed, high-quality nutritional supplements. Their affiliate program offers a competitive tiered commission rate, where your commissions increase as you sell more products.
  • NatureMade Vitamins: NatureMade is a popular brand that offers a variety of essential daily vitamins and supplements at affordable prices. Affiliates on this platform earn a commission of up to 8% per sale.
  • Market Health: The market health commission rate is about $45 CPA (cost per action) and a 50% share in revenue. That means you have more than half of the money your customer pays them. There are more than 200 health products that you can promote.
  • Nutri Profits: Nutri is one of the best affiliate programs in the health and wellness niche. Affiliate marketers can receive up to 40% commission per sale, and up to 20% commission per transaction made by a returning customer you referred earlier.
  • MoreNiche: MoreNiche is an affiliate network focused on the health and wellness niche. They partner with a variety of brands allowing promoters to find a wide range of products like weight loss supplements, fitness products, and more.

5. Fitness and sports

Global Market Worth:$ 506.93 Billion

If you planning to launch an affiliate marketing business in 2024, The Fitness and Sports niche is definitely a good choice because people’s interest in health and fitness is on the rise, leading to a growing market for fitness and sports products and services.

Everyone wants to stay fit, and that is why people go to the gym and sports centers. but here is the thing; staying fit begs for products and services that you can sell as an affiliate.

in short, sports equipment, fitness apparel, and even high-end workout programs can be quite expensive, meaning you can earn significant commissions for each sale you generate.

The good news is that people in this industry are often passionate about their interests, so the possibility of making an affiliate sale is high if you can build trust and establish yourself as a knowledgeable source

The drawback to the fitness and sports niche is that it can be a competitive niche for beginners. The only thing that can make you stand out is if you choose a sub-niche within the niche and target a very specific audience.

Again, the fitness and sports market is trend-driven. This means you have to be up to date with the latest trends to find relevant products to promote.

Fitness & Sports Affiliate offers to promote

  • All Volleyball: All Volleyball is an online marketplace to buy all volleyball equipment. Their affiliate program pays up to 5% commission on all sales up to $250 and then a flat rate of $30 per sale.
  • Driftsun: They are a new supplier of Kayaks, Paddle Boards, wake surf, and skin boards. They pay up to 10% commission to anyone who sells their products. That means, for every $350 worth of product you sell, you should expect a commission of $35.
  • Titan Fitness: Titan is a company that sells a range of products that will appeal to people who like carrying heavy-weight objects, as you have guessed, Boxers and muscle builders. Their 5% commission rate might put some people away, but it’s typically what you can get from this Niche. A single sale can bring in up to $50
  • National Agency For Sports Medicine: NAOSM is aimed at people who are already-fit and tend to coach others. So, it might not be a typical affiliate program to join, but you can be paid up to $25 for every potential student you send to them.
  • Hickies: Hickies sells sportswear, such as sports shoes. Their affiliate program offers a 20% commission. You can easily promote their offer to people outside the United States as well.

6. Travel And Leisure

Global Market Worth:$927.30 billion

The travel and leisure market is another profitable niche for affiliate marketing in 2024. This niche has a high-spending audience. What that means is that People traveling or engaging in leisure activities are often willing to spend money.

They spend money on experiences, accommodation, tours, and other activities, translating to potentially high affiliate commissions for any affiliate promoting these offers.

Trust me, people will always travel and seek leisure activities. This will create a consistent demand for travel-related products and services. or don’t you think so?

One thing you need to know, however, is that the travel and leisure niche is quite competitive. so, to be able to make a living in this industry as an affiliate. you need to be more specific in choosing a niche and your target audience.

Another drawback is that the planning process for trips can be lengthy, and decisions might involve multiple people. This will make it take longer for your affiliate link to convert into a sale.

Travel & leisure affiliate offers to promote

  • Booking.com: Booking.com is one of the largest online travel agency. They offer a free and easy-to-sign-up affiliate program for travel bloggers where they offer an offer-based commission of up to 50%.
  • TripAdvisor: TripAdvisor is a very popular website where people who want to travel come to read reviews, recommendations, and booking advice. They offer an affiliate program where they pay their affiliates as high as 50% commission on every sale.
  • Agoda: Agoda is an online travel agency (OTA) that primarily focuses on accommodation, offering hotels, apartments, vacation rentals, and other lodging options. Their affiliate program will pay up to 60% commission when you refer a customer.
  • Airbnb: Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who need a place to stay with those who have space to rent. Airbnb has a referral program that rewards you with points worth $72 for every successful customer you refer.
  • Travel Payout: Travel payout is one of those affiliate programs that pay as high as 80%. They cover a large range of travel services like flights, car rentals, hotels, insurance, transfers, and much more.

7. Solar and renewable energy

Global Market Worth:$1109.41 billion

Tapping into solar and renewable energy won’t be a bad idea, as there is much room for beginners to really stand out.

The global demand for solar energy is rapidly growing due to rising energy costs, environmental concerns, and government incentives. This translates to a potential for high affiliate commissions as the market expands.

If you start an affiliate marketing business in this niche, you will have high-ticket dollar offers to promote and make more money.

For example, solar panel systems and related equipment can be expensive, meaning you could earn significant commissions for each sale you generate with your affiliate link.

The good thing about this niche is that there are plenty of sub-niches that are still underserved. This means you have a higher chance of breaking through, even as a beginner

Even though this niche doesn’t have plenty of affiliates competing with each other, There is a need to understand solar energy systems and their benefits (which can be complex). You’ll need to provide accurate and informative content to build trust with potential buyers.

Solar affiliate offers to promote

  • Solgaard: Solgaard is a company that manufactures solar-powered materials such as; laptop bags, watches, solar banks, etc. These are high-end products that people won’t mind buying them.
  • SmartPower4All: SmartPower4All will pay you 75% commission whenever you drive them sales. Their product is suitable for anyone who wants to reduce the cost of power bills in their homes, which I am sure everyone does.
  • Goal Zero: Goal Zero manufactures portable solar generators, solar panel kits, power banks, lanterns, and a full range of accessories. They pay affiliates up to 5% per sale. You may think 5% is too small, but you should expect about $17 on every sale you make.
  • SunJack: SunJack company manufactures solar doorbells and IP security cameras. Your customers don’t need to worry about power outages anymore. They will pay you an 8% commission each time you bring them a new buyer.
  • Telsa: Telsa is one of those affiliate programs you would not like to ignore. Their affiliate program is kept simple. When a customer you referred buys a solar panel, you are paid $100.

8. Home security

Global Market Worth:$4.36 billion

If your home hasn’t been broken into, you might not know the importance of having a home security gadget. If you look around, even the most liberal families are forced to look at just how secure their home is before leaving.

In 2024, the rise of crime rates and a growing focus on home safety drive demand for security systems. This makes it possible for affiliates like you to have different products to promote. From smart home gadgets to solar-powered cameras.

In fact, The home security niche is one best affiliate niches for beginners seeking to earn a commission from affiliate sales.

Some of the products you will be dealing with are high-ticket products with recurring commissions, meaning you might earn high recurring commissions from your affiliate sales.

The competition in this niche is not too high, but you still need to do your groundwork to stand out and build trust.

Home security affiliate offers to promote

  • Guardline: Guardline manufactures and sells wireless motion sensors. Their products let you know when someone opens the gate or hangs anywhere around your home/property. Their affiliate program will pay you a 25% commission for every transaction recorded through their affiliate link.
  • Revo Alarm & Security: Revo is a company that offers professional surveillance equipment at a very affordable rate. Their EZlink software enables you to have access to their security camera system anywhere in the world through your computer or smartphone. They offer an affiliate program where they pay a 5% commission to publishers who promote their products.
  • Liberty Insurance: Liberty is an insurance company, but I’ve decided to add them to the Home security market because they offer home insurance services. Their affiliates program pays up to $10 for every home insurance quote.
  • Laview security: Laview security system supplies a full range of HD camera systems, IP cameras, Video doorbells, etc. If you promote their products as an affiliate, you should be expecting up to 10% commission on each sale you help them generate.
  • Hippo: Hippo is a home insurance provider that provides insurance in case your home falls victim to burglary. Affiliates get $5 per lead.

9. Smartphones

Global Market Worth:$802.1 billion

Smartphone is a niche that isn’t going away any time soon because people upgrade their devices regularly, creating a consistent demand for new devices and accessories.

Another good thing about this market is that people looking for new smartphones either want to buy or upgrade their devices.

If you are starting an affiliate marketing business in this niche, the good news is that you can promote various products beyond just phones themselves, including cases, chargers, headphones, and mobile apps.

As you already know, flagship smartphones can be expensive, leading to potentially high affiliate commissions for each sale you generate.

The drawback here is that phone brands release new phone models frequently. This requires you to stay updated on the latest specs and features to keep your content relevant.

Smartphone affiliate offers to promote

  • Amazon Associate: Amazon is the world’s leading marketplace, selling almost all kinds of products including smartphones. Because they are very popular, customers all over the world won’t doubt their reputation. So any traffic you send to their website is more likely to make a purchase.
  • Lively: Lively is a leading retailer of smartphones. Their affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction, and they will pay you a whopping $75 commission for each sale you generate.
  • Orchard: Orchard makes it affordable and easy to buy and sell high-quality used smartphones. Their affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale, and they pay a 10% commission to anyone who drives sales to their products.
  • Cellular Outfitter: Cellular Outfitter is one of the leading online cellular accessories stores in the United States. Affiliates can choose to promote over 1 million products (Smartphone accessories) and get a 10% commission on each sale.
  • EBay: eBay is a well-known eCommerce store. They sell almost all kinds of products including smartphones. They have a very good reputation and are respected in the eCommerce industry. eBay offers an affiliate program that enables you to promote practically all kinds of products, smartphones, and accessories included.

How to choose the best Affiliate niches in 2024

Let’s be honest, finding the perfect niche for affiliate marketing is the number one factor that determines your success. You want a niche that’s profitable while aligning with your interests and also has room for you to build an audience.

While this can be a headache, it is beneficial to make informed decisions (choosing a niche) in the early stage because it might not make sense to promote every product under the sun on a single source.

So, let’s see how you can choose the best affiliate niches in 2024:

  • Consider your passions and skills: Start with what you are genuinely interested in learning more about and sharing with others, before considering your skills. For example, If you’re interested in digital marketing, can you identify the areas within the space that you can cover?
  • Analyze niche profitability & growth: If you finally find a niche you can cover, does it have enough demand for the products and services you will promote? Are there many people covering the same topic? and does it have a growing audience and increasing demand for products or services?
  • Identify profitable sub-niches: Most niches can be further segmented. Targeting a sub-niche allows you to cater to a more specific audience and potentially face less competition. For example, within health and wellness, you could focus on vegan fitness or sustainable yoga practices.
  • Look for niches with recurring revenue potential: look for subscription-based products or services that can provide you with ongoing commissions if customers stay subscribed through your affiliate link.
  • Prioritize evergreen niches: Evergreen niches have consistent demand throughout the year, making it possible for you to be in business for a longer time while avoiding the challenge of seasonal trends.


Okay, now you’ve seen some of the awesome affiliate niches you can try in 2024 – exciting, right? But I want you to remember that the best niche isn’t just about making money. Your genuine passion and interest need to shine through to build trust with your audience. That’s the real secret of succeeding with affiliate marketing!

So, think about the niches that really get you fired up. Do more digging – find that perfect little corner of the market where you can become the go-to resource. Write about it in a way that’s helpful and speaks to the real needs of your ideal reader. Stay committed, and that passion will turn into a rewarding affiliate business.

Don’t worry, change is the only constant in affiliate marketing! Keep an eye on the trends, be willing to try new things, and make sure your content always offers something special. Those are the keys to staying on top, no matter which awesome niche you call home.

Now it’s your turn! get out there and make it happen!

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