Pinterest SEO: How to be found on Pinterest in 2024

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Tony's Realm - Pinterest SEO: How to be found on Pinterest in 2024

Do you wish for your business to be found on Pinterest in 2024? If yes, a few things need to be done on your Pinterest account, And the most important thing is called Pinterest SEO.

Pinterest is not only a social media platform, It is more of a search engine than social. That is why the guys behind Pinterest described the platform as a visual discovery engine where people come to find new ideas to try.

So, if you want to start selling on Pinterest and desire your business to be found on Pinterest, you have come to the right place because, in this post, I will show you exactly how to do Pinterest SEO and rank your pins, boards, and profile on Pinterest search results.

Let’s do it…

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What is Pinterest SEO?

Pinterest SEO is a simple process of optimizing your Pinterest profile, Boards, and Individual pins so that they can be discovered on Pinterest whenever a query related to your business is searched for.

For example, if your business sells Vacuum cleaners, you might want your pins to show whenever someone types Vacuum Cleaners into the Pinterest search bar. What you will need to do is optimize your Pinterest pins to search that search query.

When it comes to ranking on Pinterest search results, Pinterest pins are ranked based on different factors like repins, shares, and other engagements. They’re called the ranking factors (will talk about that shortly).

How does the Pinterest search engine work?

Just like every other search engine, Pinterest deploys a set of rules to be followed to decide what content on the platform serves a given search query.

When something is searched for on Pinterest, the platform goes through its database, finds what it believes to be the most relevant pins, and serves them for that query.

In fact, the Pinterest algorithm will consider factors like:

  • Pin quality
  • Domain quality
  • Pinner quality
  • Repin count
  • Topic relevance
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Pin Quality

Before a pin can rank on Pinterest, the platform algorithm will first consider the quality of that Pin. This will be based on the pin’s freshness, the amount of engagement it receives (both comments, shares, and repins), and the pin’s popularity.

When you publish a pin on Pinterest, the platform will track all instances of that pain to understand how it resonates with your audience before deciding whether or not to show it to more people.

For example, letโ€™s say you published a pin on your board and someone else repins the same content from your board to theirs, Pinterest will see that engagement as a sign that your pin has a good quality.

Domain quality

This one is common with every search engine. Your domain quality (Not Domain authority) is one of the ranking factors on Pinterest. Although Pinterest is not emphasizing it, it is important.

Domain quality on Pinterest is determined by the number of pins you publish under your domain. The more pins you publish on Pinterest, and the more repins they get, the more quality your domain instills. It i as simple as that.

In other words, if you publish pins multiple times a day consistently, your domain quality will improve.

While publishing multiple pins can be tiresome, using a scheduler tool like Tailwind can make the work a lot easier by easily spreading your content and automatically publishing them at the best times your audience is active.

Pinner Quality

Pinner quality on Pinterest is determined by your past and present activities on the platform. Are you constantly trying to spam the algorithm? Are you publishing irrelevant pins or misleading other Pinterest users?

All these things will affect your Pinterest reach. Even though Pinterest wants you to be active on the platform, they don’t want you to mess up things.

Your activeness and engagement with other people’s content on Pinterest will also contribute to boosting your trustworthiness on the platform.

Repin count

Repins on Pinterest count when other users share your pin on their boards. This is one of the factors that signal to the algorithm that your pin is useful, and people love it.

It is the most important factor that influences Pinterest SEO.

When a pin keeps getting so many repins, The Pinterest algorithm will continue to push that pin up on the search results (and feed too).

The easiest way to get more repins if you have no followers is by joining the Tailwind community where others get to share your content.

Topic relevance

Lastly, your pin’s relevance to a given topic matters in Pinterest SEO. If a search for a travel guide is conducted on Pinterest, you can not expect your pin about a keto diet to show up. It will never rank, even if you saved this pin on a travel board.

Before a pin is shown on the Pinterest search result, both the pin and website content must be relevant to the search query.

Other things that influence Pinterest SEO are keyword and pin design.

When you place keywords in the right places will help Pinterest understand what your pin is all about. Plus, a clear image with a descriptive text overlay will give a clear understanding of your Pins topic.

Keyword research for Pinterest SEO

Before you set up your Pinterest profile, the first thing you need to do is keyword research so that you can be able to understand how people discover things on the platform.

Keyword research is the process of finding new keywords that people type into the search bar whenever they want to find information about a product, place, or topic.

Without knowing the keywords that people use on Pinterest, it will be hard for you to know what content to create.

While you don’t need extensive keyword research tools for Pinterest SEO, you can find those keywords right inside Pinterest, for completely free!

The free Pinterest tool for finding keywords is called “Pinterest Search Suggest”.

This will show you relevant keywords as soon as you start typing in the search bar.

Tony's Realm - Pinterest SEO: How to be found on Pinterest in [year]

Also, when you search for something on Pinterest, there’s always a colored ribbon that shows other keywords that accompany your seed keyword. This is used to find long-tail keywords.

Tony's Realm - Pinterest SEO: How to be found on Pinterest in [year]

The Auto Suggest future and the colored ribbon on Pinterest suggest what other people are searching for. You can use these keywords to optimize your pins and profile to rank high on Pinterest search results.

How to use keywords on Pinterest

Now, pay attention to the most important part of Pinterest SEO!

Just like Google and other search engines, Pinterest has an Algorithm that determines what ranks and what doesn’t. This algorithm is known as smart feeds.

One of the functions of this algorithm is to understand what a pin is all about and determine how they are ranked on search results. And keywords play a role here.

To make the best use of keywords for Pinterest SEO, you must put them in the right places including:

  • Board Title and Description
  • Pin Title and Description
  • Pin ALT text
  • Profile name and description
  • Pin Image Overlay

Adding keywords on these places makes it easy for the Pinterest algorithm to understand what your pins are all about. But don’t force keywords.

How to be found on Pinterest In 2024

Over the years, Pinterest has tweaked its algorithm several times. What used to work some years back might not work in 2024.

In short, the only Pinterest marketing strategy that still works (and will continue to work) is consistency! Create fresh pins, and publish them consistently.

Pinterest described fresh pins as an image or video that’s never been seen before on Pinterest. This means that a new image or video can still link back to an old product or blog post, and still be considered a fresh pin.

According to Pinterest experts, the minimum about of pins you should be publishing per day is 5. This means that you need to create five pin images/videos per day and publish them on Pinterest. And continue doing this every day.

There are Pinterest marketing tools Like Tailwind and Canva that can make this a lot easier.

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool that can help you schedule multiple pins at a time to different boards on your Pinterest profile. The tool has a lot of features that can make your business be found on Pinterest.

You can create a pin image right inside the Tailwind and schedule it to multiple boards without lifting your finger! Plus, you can join different communities of pinners who share and promote each other work.


If you want your business to be found on Pinterest in 2024, you need to invest some time in learning Pinterest SEO.

The most important lesson I need you to go home with is the fact that Pinterest’s algorithm is not as sophisticated as that of other search engines like Google and Bing. You could rank on Pinterest even if you have a new account with a few followers.

To get the best out of Pinterest SEO, you need to do proper keyword research and put your keywords in places that describe your pin. Like title, description ALT text, etc.

Don’t forget to be consistent in pinning your content because consistency is the secret that will make you to be found on Pinterest

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