06 Best AI-Powered Online video creators in 2024

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In 2024, the demand for video content continues to surge as over 66% of consumers increasingly rely on marketing videos from brands to make a purchase decision.

What this means is that; if you are creating videos about your products, you have a higher chance of making more sales than a competitor who’s not.

And what’s more surprising?

91% of marketers are already using videos in marketing their products (Forbes), meaning that almost all your competitors are ahead of you.

You might be thinking that creating a video takes a lot of time and resources, which is true. But I am not leading you that way.

This post is going to show you some tools and software that let you create high-quality videos in minutes without filming anything.

Let’s get started!

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Best AI-Powered Online Video Creators In 2024

Before I go ahead and reveal the six best video makers, Le me show you the best, and most user-friendly AI video creators based on my own experience.

Tony's Realm - 06 Best AI-Powered Online video creators in [year]
FlexClip is simply the best AI video creator right now. It offers a set of professional templates and amazing features for you to produce high-quality videos without being a video editor.
Tony's Realm - 06 Best AI-Powered Online video creators in [year]
InVideo is an online tool that lets you make videos like a professional with the help of AI. The tool has a lot of professional starter templates optimized for different platforms.
Tony's Realm - 06 Best AI-Powered Online video creators in [year]
Veed.io is a smart and handy AI video maker that can make all kinds of tutorial videos. The tool comes with a set of professional tools that makes it easy for even beginners to make videos within minutes.

1. FlexClip – Overall Best Online Video Creator

Tony's Realm - 06 Best AI-Powered Online video creators in [year]

FlexClip is a powerful video creation software that uses Artificial Intelligence to transform the way you create video content for your marketing purposes.

This software offers a bunch of AI tools to make video creation easy, from script writing to Voiceovers and video creation.

With the AI text-to-video feature, you can either paste a written text into the software and let it generate a video from scratch, or simply type in a URL to use the content of the page.

What a time saver!

Within a few minutes, you will be able to create videos in all kinds of formats for different marketing platforms.

You will be able to access a library of professionally made video templates so that you can start from somewhere if you want. Plus, you will have access to a vast library of stock resources like photos, fonts, and video clips.

The tool also supports multiple languages so that you can translate and create videos in multiple languages and reach a global audience.

FlexClip also provides one of the best video editing tools to make it easy for you to add your own touch to the videos it generates.

You can literally adjust everything from audio to sound effects, and you can even add elements like AI text-to-speech voiceovers, auto subtitles, overlays, and many more to align with your needs.

Creating videos with FlexClip is super easy. The platform has a welcoming user interface that even an introvert can easily generate professional videos in minutes.

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Key features

  • AI text-to-video
  • Versatile video generation
  • Multiple video types
  • Access to stock resources
  • Customization tools
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multilingual support


FlexClip offers a free plan with limited functionality. The paid plan starts from $9.99 per month on an annual commitment and $19.99 per month on a monthly subscription.

2. InVideo – Best for creating faceless videos

Tony's Realm - 06 Best AI-Powered Online video creators in [year]

InVideo is a popular platform among content creators and business owners. It helps them create and edit videos effortlessly, using the help of AI.

With InVideo’s AI co-pilot, you can turn any script into videos without the need to acquire complex video editing skills.

Not only that. InVideo offers a bunch of AI tools to simplify your video creation process and improve productivity.

You will be able to play around with AI tools like talking avatar, script generator, text-to-video, or even generate voiceovers that sound like real humans.

Also, you will have complete control over the videos you generate with InVideo. You will be able to edit them using one of the best video editors that comes inbuilt.

InVideo will also give you access to a library of over 16 million stock media items that you can use to make outstanding, and captivating videos.

In addition to that, InVideo offers real-time collaboration through multiplayer editing to make it possible for you to work on a project with your team members.

Key features

  • AI video creation
  • Text-based commands
  • Video editing tools
  • Stock media library
  • Human-like voiceovers
  • Real-time collaboration
  • 24/7 support via live chat


InVideo has a free plan with limited functionality. The paid plan starts from $25 per month on a month-to-month basis, and $20 per month on an annual commitment.

3. Veed.io – Best for creating tutorials

Tony's Realm - 06 Best AI-Powered Online video creators in [year]

Next on our list of best online video creators is Veed.io.

Veed.io is a powerful and user-friendly online platform that helps make video creation and editing simple and exciting.

It packs a whole lot of tools to help improve your productivity. You will find tools like AI avatar generator, eye contact correction, AI image generator, video background remover, and many more.

The AI video generator and editor make it easy for you to create videos using AI avatars, human-like voiceovers, and premium stock media, including quality images and video clips.

These AI avatars that will be generated by Veed.io looks and sounds like humans. You can have them read and react to your script as if it’s real human.

You also don’t need to worry about finding the right music clips for your videos because Veed.io has a big library of royalty-free stock media that you can easily add to your project.

Key features

  • AI video Clcreation
  • Video editing
  • Stock media library
  • Customizable templates
  • Text-to-video
  • Auto subtitle generator
  • Team collaboration
  • Ease of use
  • Online accessibility


Veed.io has a limited free plan. The paid plan starts from $12 per month on an annual commitment. If you want to pay monthly, it starts from $18 every month.

4. Stoodaio – Best Text-To-Video creator

Tony's Realm - 06 Best AI-Powered Online video creators in [year]

Stoodaio is a smart AI-Powered online video maker that’s going to help you make videos without needing to write a video script or record voices.

This smart AI software is capable of generating premium-quality videos in different languages, topics, and styles to fit every marketing need.

The latest version of Stoodaio adds some extra cool features like turning voice recording into a video to save even more time.

You can literally make videos by simply talking to Stoodaio!

Also, the tool makes it possible for you to protect your videos by adding your own watermark.

You will also be able to have full control of your videos, In areas like deciding how texts look and adding and adjusting animations, transitions, and other aspects of your video.

Stoodaio also has an easy drag-and-drop video editor that makes it easy for you to come up with professional videos in a few minutes.

With this kind of editor, you can rearrange your video scenes easily by simply dragging and dropping elements!

Key features

  • Automated video creation
  • Multi-language support
  • AI-generated scripts
  • Text-to-speech conversion
  • Vertical and square videos
  • Voiceover from pre-recorded audio
  • Speech-to-video
  • Watermarking
  • Text and image animations
  • Preview player


Stoodaio has no trial plan. The product is been sold on the jvzoo marketplace, and the price starts from $64.55 per month.

5. Animoto – Best for editing professional videos

Tony's Realm - 06 Best AI-Powered Online video creators in [year]

Animoto lets you create professional videos that engage and impress customers, without needing to be a video guru.

This awesome video-creating software makes it easy for business owners like you and me to make different kinds of videos for marketing purposes.

You will be able to create explainer videos to explain how your products work, or even make promotional videos to promote your products across different marketing channels.

Animoto has a library of professionally made templates that you can start with.

When you are working on a project, you will have full control of the videos you make. You can put words on the screen, pick from different styles and designs, and make them truly yours!

Animoto also has an easy-to-use video editing interface where you are faced with endless possibilities.

Key features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Media Import
  • Music Library
  • Customizable templates
  • Text and captions
  • HD video output
  • Social media sharing
  • Business Features
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Collaboration
  • Stock images and video clips


Animoto has a free trial with limited features. The paid plan starts from $8 per month on an annual commitment and $16 per month when billed monthly.

6. Explaindio – Best for creating explainer videos

Tony's Realm - 06 Best AI-Powered Online video creators in [year]

Explaindio is a powerful software that can be used to make videos that tell stories, explain things, or show off products.

It’s super easy to use, and you don’t need to be an expert to be able to create videos with it.

This software is perfect for businesses who want to create a video to explain how a product works, and how to achieve a particular goal.

If you’ve ever wondered how people create this kind of video:

Explaindio is the secret!

This can be useful in course creation to make explainer videos that your audience can relate to.

The coolest part is that this software is also capable of turning static pictures and characters into animations so that they can become lively.

You will have access to a library of templates, video clips, and images so that you can use them in your design.

If you exhaust the available images and clips, you will also be able to import your own media into the editor.

Explaindio has a complex video editing environment at first. But if you pay attention, you will notice that it’s quite user-friendly.

Key features

  • Animated and whiteboard videos
  • Media Integration
  • Doodle sketch animation
  • Text-to-speech
  • 3D models and animation
  • Advanced transition effects
  • Built-in media library
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Export in multiple formats
  • Commercial license


Explaindio doesn’t have a free plan. However, you have the choice to either pay monthly or annually or make a one-time payment.

The monthly plan is priced at $37, the annual plan is $67, and the one-time payment is just $497.


AI has changed how video content is being produced. With a lot of online video creators out there, it’s 10 times cheaper and faster to create Hollywood-quality videos.

You only need to choose the best tool for your video creation.

We’ve explored the 6 Best AI-powered online Video Creators in 2024, having ease of use, features, pricing, and user reviews in mind.

I personally prefer FlexClip for a couple of reasons, including its AI text-to-video feature that can transform a written prompt into a video or even convert your blog post into a video.

FlexClip also offers versatile video generation and endless customization features.

Other online video creators that have been mentioned here offer a set of unique features that I love.

InVideo, for example, has a feature that can add human feelings and behavior to AI avatars while narrating your video on screen.

Lastly, your choice of AI video maker depends on your business’s requirements.

You should also consider factors like budget, features, and output results.

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