InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?


$20.00 /Mo $25.00 /Mo

InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?
InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?
$20.00 /Mo $25.00 /Mo
Ready-made templates
Supports multi-layered editing
Large selection of elements
Completely cloud-based

So I was hoping to make videos for a client’s YouTube channel and someone recommended InVideo. I hadn’t used this tool before, so I quickly looked at their website to see what they were up to.

One thing caught my attention; The tool’s ability to turn written prompts into videos!

That was amazing! Honestly, I knew that AI was going to take over video creation, but I didn’t expect it this soon.

I dug a little deeper, and what I discovered will surprise you. Is InVideo a good video editing tool or just a waste of time?

Relax because in this InVideo review, you will find out how good the software is, and of course, the bad and the ugly sides.

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What’s InVideo?

InVideo is an online video-creating and editing tool that uses smart technologies to help you produce studio-quality video without the need for taking intensive video editing courses or being a professional video editor.

According to the tool developers, InVideo can be used to produce videos for almost every use case, platform, and industry with a simple text prompt and a drag-and-drop action.

InVideo has two focuses;

  • InVideo AI – Uses AI technology to create videos from text prompts
  • InVideo Studio – An advanced online video editor

With these, I assume InVideo is capable of not only creating videos but also adding professional editing touches. (we will find out soon enough).

InVideo AI features different AI tools that are used for creating videos without filming anything with a camera.

For example, you will find AI talking Avatar, Slideshow Maker, AI text-to-video, etc. These tools are known for making video creation seamless and effortless. There’s even an AI video editor that will give your videos a final touch, powered by AI!

InVideo Studio on the other hand features a more traditional tool for video making and editing. You can make and edit different types of videos including Instagram reals, Outros, Itros, etc. from a wealth of professional templates.

Is InVideo good for video creation and editing?

I must be honest, I have used different tools for the same purpose. And, most of the tools that I have used are either so expensive or difficult to navigate, especially for beginners like me (of course when I was getting started).

So, for me to answer the question: “Is InVideo good for making and editing videos?“, let’s take a look at what makes a good video editing tool, and then rank our experience with inVideo:

  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility
  • Editing tools
  • export options
  • Support
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Ease of use

Most beginners don’t have a video editing background. So, tools for making and editing videos should be, first of all, easy to navigate.

For me, I don’t want to spend hours looking for the next button to click. I want to be able to achieve what I want within a short period of time.

So, what’s my experience with InVideo?

Let’s start with the sign-up process…

if you think it takes so long to fill out a form at the signup page, you will be wrong because signing up won’t take longer than 15 seconds. I mean it!

Clicking on the “Get started” button on the home page will get the ball rolling at once.

From there, you will be able to sign up using your Google or Apple account.

Tony's Realm - InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?

I prefer using a Google account because who doesn’t have one?

Signing up for inVideo AI took only 7 seconds, despite my slow internet connection, and InVdeo studio took me about 15 seconds because I had to select from different options to help personalize my video creation.

The interface is quite different between InVideo AI and InVideo Studio. The InVideo AI interface looks like this:

Tony's Realm - InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?

Versus the Studio interface that looks like this:

Tony's Realm - InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?

I will try generating videos with both tools and see the difference i how they handle the task.

Are you ready?

Starting with InVidoe Ai, I will give it a prompt and a video script to generate a video titled “Unlocking Success: The Power of Video Marketing”. This prompt was generated using ChatGPT.

In just a few minutes, the AI copilot has figured out what to do with the script.

Tony's Realm - InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?

I left the settings the way it is, and hit “continue”… Then the magic began to happen.

After a short while, the video was made available with a download button for me to download.

Tony's Realm - InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?

All these processes didn’t take up to 5 minutes, honestly.

I was curious what’s the difference between the copilot (InVideo AI) and the studio, so I decided to test the latter.

First of all, InVideo Studio has over 5000+ customizable templates. I didn’t really explore those templates, but I believe they are good. Also, there are over a million video clips and stock photos that you can use for free in making videos.

What I am interested in is the AI text-to-video feature, so I went for it.

InVideo Studio let me choose a template. At this point, I wasn’t sure what template to choose, but I had to choose one anyway.

Tony's Realm - InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?

And then, something caught my attention!

InVideo Studio can also write a script for your video. this means you don’t necessarily have to write a script before launching the studio.

Tony's Realm - InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?

Once the script is generated, InVideo Studio will then split the script into scenes, and then generate the video itself.

Once the video is generated, you will be able to launch the editor and finalize your video edits.

On the editor, you can add/remove/change different elements like brand logo, voiceover, new scene, video, photos, etc.

I don’t know about you, but I find this so satisfactory. InVideo’s ease of use is close to none.


What kind of video do you want to create? Is it a YouTube video or do you want to create it for other platforms like Instagram and TikTok?

InVideo got you covered!

With InVideo, you can create any kind of video for any platform. you will be able to choose a target platform for your video even when starting a new project. this way, you can have a video that is optimized for your channels.

Another cool compatibility feature is that you can export your videos in a way that you can reuse them on any platform.

For example, if you initially created a video for YouTube, you can easily convert that same video and optimize it for Instagram and TikTok without having to create a new project.

Editing tools

inVideo Studio is one of the best video editing tools out there. Elements are placed in a way that even beginners can edit videos without worrying about getting things mixed up.

Tony's Realm - InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?

You will find all your assets in a sidebar on the left, while the canvas takes up most of the interface to enable you to focus on your project.

Beneath the canvas is the Timeline, which shows either the entirety of your project or just focuses on a single scene.

Don’t be fooled by the sleek look of the studio editor, It is even more powerful than it seems.

I like the fact that InVideo Studio allows users to have multiple layers within a single scene making it seamless for transitions to work smartly.

Export options

InVideo offers a range of options when you want to export your videos. practically, you can choose to export your video in 1080p, 720p, or 480p resolutions.

You can also choose whether or not to include watermarks and branding in your exporting videos.

Once your video is exported, it can now be downloaded to your device.


InVideo’s help desk features 24/7 live chat, email tickets, and well-written onboarding tutorials to help you get started and resolve every issue you may encounter.

They also offer free tutorials on their YouTube channel which you can access here.

You don’t also need to worry about delays because the team is always ready and active to assist you at any time.

How much does InVideo cost?

InVideo offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs. The free plan offers a stepping stone for beginners who want to give the software a try.

The free plans give you the privilege to export 4 videos per week with InVideo branding, with only ten minutes of premium generation per week.

you will also be able to export videos with Full HD. But bear in mind that your data will be used for training.

On the other hand, InVideo’s “Plus” plan pricing ranges from $20 to $200 per month, depending on the extra features you want to add. This plan can generate up to 50 minutes of premium videos per week for just $20 per month. If you want more privileges, you can raise the bar a little bit for it to calculate the price for you.

Tony's Realm - InVideo Review: Still a Good Video Editing Tool in 2024?

The “Max” plan pricing ranges from $48 per month to $480 per month. Again, it depends on the privileges you want to opt in for. You can raise the bar to gain more privileges.

Is InVideo safe to use?

As a cloud-based software, InVideo offers various features for video production. The safety depends on the context.

Getting access to the app from the official website guarantees maximum safety. However, seeking access through a backdoor, and downloading the mobile app from torrent websites might put your privacy at risk.

In terms of online usage, InVideo provides one of the most secure cloud storage and collaboration tools so that your team members can easily access your projects on a secured server.

However, it’s important to consider the limitations of the free version and the subscription model when evaluating its suitability for your specific needs.

InVideo Review: My Final Verdict

9.6Expert Score

I love InVideo for a couple of reasons. First, the software is cloud-based, making it possible to use it without having to download any software to your device.

Secondly, the process of creating videos is way faster than so many video editors out there. plus, you get to start your video creation from a professional template, making it faster and more fun.

Ease of use
  • Ready-made templates
  • Supports multi-layered editing
  • Large selection of elements
  • Completely cloud-based
  • Not a great search functionality
  • Rendering speed could be improved

Frequently asked questions

What can I do with InVideo?

There are a lot of things you can do with Invideo while editing videos. First of all, you can create unique high-quality videos for any purpose.

you can also generate videos with simple text commands, make big or small changes to the generated video, and have complete editing control over every video project you work on.

You will have access to several voice actors, and be able to import your voice sample and have the AI mimic your own voice.

Does InVideo provide support?

Yes, InVideo offers premium 24×7 human support via Live chat, email tickets, and a Discord community for creators to get instant help and feedback on their videos.

There is also a help center where you can find several articles to help you with your video creation and editing process.

Can I use my own voiceovers in InVideo?

Yes, InVideo lets you upload your own voiceover and use it on your videos. however, you cannot currently record your voice on the platform. maybe in the near future, they will bring this feature.

Is there a mobile app for InVideo?

Yes, there is an InVideo AI mobile app available on the App Store and Play Store.

How can I get started with InVideo?

To get started with InVideo, you have to visit their official website, choose a pricing plan, and sign up.

You will then have instant access to the editor dashboard where you can access InVideo AI and InVideo Studio.

Can I create long-form videos with just a text prompt in InVideo?

Yes, InVideo AI is a new AI model in InVideo that allows users to generate complete long-form videos from a simple text prompt.

This feature makes it possible for you to generate any kind of video without filming anything.

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