Pinterest Marketing: Group boards are dyeing, What’s the alternative?

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Tony's Realm - Pinterest Marketing: Group boards are dyeing, What's the alternative?

If you’re still hopping from one Pinterest group board to another, hoping for a miracle to happen… you’re probably feeling a bit frustrated.

I’ve been there, really! Those boards used to be amazing some years back, but now? Well…, not so much.

But that doesn’t mean you should ditch Pinterest group boards altogether! There’s still a ton of potential there. It’s just that, like anything online, the algorithm shifted, and it’s time for your strategy to catch up!

So, In this post, we are going to discuss why group boards aren’t so powerful anymore, and how you can use a free alternative to get more Pinterest exposure in 2024.

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The problem with Pinterest group boards

If you remember the good old days when Pinterest group boards were the talk of the town, you would recall that getting traffic from the platform was easy. You’d join group boards, pin your stuff, and BOOM – traffic boost!

Those days are far gone! And that’s because …, Well, you guessed it, Algorithm change!

In those days, when you pin to group boards, Your pin will be seen by the followers and members of that board. So, If a board has a thousand followers and a hundred members, It translates to your pin getting a thousand and a hundred pin impressions.

What that means is that every pin stands a chance to be seen, both quality pins and spammy pins.

And you can already guess what happened; group boards got flooded with low-quality content and became hotspots for spammers just blasting out pins.

To battle spam, Pinterest revisited its algorithm and shifted it towards rewarding pins that get genuine engagement (saves, clicks, etc.), not pins that are seen all over the place.

What that means is that Pinterest wants your pins to get engagement first. If other pinners aren’t saving and interacting with your pins, Pinterest figures it’s not that interesting and won’t prioritize showing it widely – even if it’s pinned a thousand times on different group boards.

The alternative: Tailwind communities

Did I mention that Pinterest wants your pins to get engagement before showing it widely? That’s exactly what the Tailwind community will help you with.

Okay, let’s stop talking about group boards for a while, and talk about something that actually works these days! If you haven’t heard of Tailwind, it’s a lifesaver for Pinterest. Yeah, it helps with scheduling, but it also has this awesome feature called “Tailwind Communities” (they used to be called Tribes).

But what exactly is a Tailwind community?

Let’s put it the way everyone will understand: Tailwind Community is like an upgraded Pinterest group board.

What makes it different is that Tailwind communities are inside a different platform called tailwindApp, and it has a laser-focused audience. Instead of random pinners just blasting out content, you get to share ideas with bloggers in the same niche as you.

Inside these communities, when you join, you share your pins, and others share theirs. but what’s more important to note is that everyone is here for a purpose – to get more engagement.

So, how these Tailwind communities work is by letting members of a community reshare each other’s pins on their Pinterest boards. That way, they boost their engagement with repins.

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How to use Tailwind communities

Getting started with Tailwind Communities is a breeze, and trust me, it could seriously transform your Pinterest game.

Step 1: Sign Up for Tailwind

Tony's Realm - Pinterest Marketing: Group boards are dyeing, What's the alternative?

If you haven’t been on Tailwind yet, it’s time to hop on board! They’ve got a free trial, and the plans are super affordable. (Psst – want a little bonus? Use my referral link for $15 off: Check it out!)

Signing up for Tailwind is very easy. you won’t need to fill out a long form, instead, you will use your Pinterest account to get onboard.

Click the “Sign Up with Pinterest” button, and it will log you into your Pinterest account where you will give the tool your permission to manage your Pinterest account.

Once you approve the connection, you will need to enter basic information about you, like your name, and choose a password.

Step 2: Find your community

Tony's Realm - Pinterest Marketing: Group boards are dyeing, What's the alternative?

Once you’re a Tailwind member, head over to the “Communities” tab in your dashboard. Time to hunt down Communities that match your niche.

Type in your niche on the address bar and make a choice. You will be able to see the engagement rate of each community, as well as the number of members it currently has.

Some communities are open for you to join immediately, while others require your proposal to undergo a review.

While choosing a community, focus on those that have a high engagement rate. That way, you can be sure that your content will be shared.

Step 3: Get familiar with the rules

Tony's Realm - Pinterest Marketing: Group boards are dyeing, What's the alternative?

Every Community has its own set of rules and guidelines – how many pins to share, that kind of thing. Read them closely! Well-managed Communities get the best results, and they don’t mess around with those rules.

Most of the time, you will be removed from the community as soon as you violate any of those rules.

Step 4: Start sharing & submitting!

Tony's Realm - Pinterest Marketing: Group boards are dyeing, What's the alternative?

Now the fun part! Submit your awesome pins to the Community and start sharing other members’ stuff too. Tailwind makes it easy, and you’ll even get to see how your pins are doing within each Community.

To submit a pin to the Tailwind community, you will either schedule a new pin using the smart schedule, and then choose a community under the “community pins” section, or submit an already published pin.

It’s not about joining every Community under the sun. Find a few active ones that perfectly match your content – that’s where the magic happens!

Tips for maximizing your results

Now that you’re all set up with Tailwind Communities, let’s make sure you get the absolute most out of them.

  • Pin Quality is King: Focus on submitting your very best pins – the ones with eye-catching graphics and engaging descriptions. Remember, you want fellow Community members to be excited to share your content!
  • Be a Good Community Member: Don’t just dump your pins and disappear. Take the time to find and share top-notch pins from other members as well. Active participation builds trust and boosts results for everyone.
  • Track Your Stats: Tailwind gives you insights into how your pins perform in different Communities. Pay attention! This helps you see which Communities are the best fit for your content.
  • Consistency Matters: Regularly sharing and submitting pins will get you noticed and keep the momentum going.
  • It Might Take Time: Like anything with Pinterest, building results with Communities won’t happen overnight. Be patient, be consistent, and the payoff will come!


So, are Pinterest group boards a total waste of time? Not necessarily, but their glory days are definitely behind them. The smart move is focusing your energy on strategies that align with Pinterest’s current focus – and that, my friend, is where Tailwind Communities shine.

Think of it as a shift, not a loss. By embracing Tailwind Communities, you’re investing in a targeted, collaborative approach that’s proven to work in today’s Pinterest landscape. Ready to see your traffic soar again?

Here’s what to do next:

  • Join Tailwind (If you haven’t already)
  • Explore Communities in your niche
  • Start sharing those awesome pins!

Let’s make this the start of your Pinterest success story! Have any questions or want to share your results? Drop a comment below.

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