Google AdSense: A Beginner’s Guide to monetization in 2024

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Tony's Realm - Google AdSense: A Beginner's Guide to monetization in 2024

You’ve put your heart and soul into your blog, but seeing little to no financial return can be seriously discouraging. Trust me, I’ve been there, and so have countless other bloggers.

But what if I told you there’s a way to turn your passion into a real source of income, without sacrificing the content you love?

AdSense is a simple way to start earning money from your content. You place ads on your blog, and Google takes care of finding ads that your readers will actually find interesting. You get paid when people see those ads.

This beginner guide is all about getting you started with AdSense. I’ll share tips on finding the right niche, creating awesome content, strategically placing your ads, and everything else you need to build a steady stream of income from your blog.

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What is AdSense (And how does it work)?

Okay, let’s be honest – blogging is awesome but seriously, it requires hard work. You’ve got to brainstorm like crazy, spend ages writing and editing, and try your best to connect with your readers. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all that dedication could actually pay your bills? Well, with Google AdSense, it just might!

Basically, AdSense lets you make money by putting ads on your blog. Think of it like renting out little bits of space on your website. But here’s the best part: Google is super picky about the ads they show, so they’ll actually be relevant to what you write about and what your readers care about.

Google AdSense uses the PPM (pay-per-impression) model to reward publishers for their work. pay-per-impression simply means that AdSense will pay you every time an ad shows up on your site (even if no one clicks). It’s usually small, but it can add up!

One of the coolest things about AdSense is that Google is basically a genius at figuring out which ads fit your blog best. How they work their thing will surprise you:

  • They read your mind (Well, Your Blog): Google has these crazy algorithms that figure out what your posts are all about, the words you use most, and all that stuff. This helps them pick ads that actually make sense on your site.
  • Knowing Your Audience: It’s more than just your content. Google also looks at who actually reads your blog, and what else they’re interested in online…you get the idea. Someone reading about fitness is way more likely to click on an ad for running shoes than a baking ad, right?

Why Google AdSense?

Okay, so you’ve decided it’s time your blog started paying its way. Smart move! But figuring out where to start can be a headache, so let’s talk about why AdSense is basically the perfect beginner’s tool for monetization.

  • Easy to use: Listen, if code looks like gibberish and the word “setup” makes you break out in a sweat, AdSense has your back. It’s ridiculously easy. Google basically holds your hand through the whole process.
  • Your Blog, Your Way: You didn’t start blogging to mess around with ads all day, right? AdSense gets it. you only need to do the initial bit, and your main job stays the same – creating awesome content.
  • Ads control: Don’t worry, you’re not totally handing the keys to Google. You still get to decide what ads look like, where they are placed, and even block certain advertisers.
  • Trust: You must admit that Google is huge on the internet. That works out well for AdSense bloggers. Advertisers trust Google, and that means more of them want their ads on your site.

A Quick reminder: AdSense is amazing, but let’s be real – you’re probably not gonna quit your day job tomorrow. How much you make depends on a ton of things, like how popular your niche is, how many people visit your blog, and how smart you are about putting those ads in the right places.

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Key AdSense terms

Okay, let’s discuss some of those terms you’ll hear about AdSense all the time. It might sound like a foreign language at first, but I promise it’s way simpler than it seems!

  • CPM (Cost Per Mille): “Mille” is just a fancy word for “a thousand”. So basically, if you come across the word “Cost Per Mile), it means that, for every thousand times an ad pops up on your blog, you get paid for it (doesn’t matter if anyone clicks or not).
  • CTR (Click-Through Rate): This one is used to track how good you are at grabbing attention with those ads showing on your site. A high CTR is awesome – it means people are actually clicking on your ads! But for low CTR? It might be a sign to try moving your ads around or changing up what you’re writing about.
  • Page Impressions: Think of it like someone flipping through your blog like a magazine. Each time a page with ads loads, boom, that’s one impression. More page views = more impressions = more chances to earn.
  • eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille): This one involves a bit more behind-the-scenes math. It’s basically your overall earnings for every thousand-page impressions. Google works it all out, taking both clicks and impressions into account.

Trust me, the list didn’t end there. you’ll come across so many other glossaries like Active View CPM, and Ad Request RPM. Click here to learn about all the Glossaries.

But, why bother with all these terms?

First of all, these terms will be all over your AdSense dashboard, so it pays to know what they actually mean. Are you on track, or do you need to switch up your strategy?

For example, if you know what CTR stands for, and you notice that your CTR is low, you can quickly point to the direction where the issue is coming from.

This is just the basics to get you going. Google has a whole list of terms if you ever get stuck. Right now, let’s focus on getting that AdSense account set up and earning some money from your blog!

Optimizing your blog for AdSense success

Alright, you’ve got the AdSense basics covered. Now it’s time to get discuss how to increase your blog revenue, and get AdSense word for you in 2024! Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty of how to make those AdSense earnings really shine.

Choose a good Niche

Here’s the simple truth: some blog topics are just way more profitable with AdSense than others. Why? Because businesses in certain areas are willing to shell out more cash to get their ads in front of the right people.

For example, if your blog is built around niches with high RPM (Revenue Per Mine) like insurance, law, finance, tech stuff…you know, those niches that tend to attract people looking for services or about to make big purchases, You will earn more revenue than another blogger whose blog is built around Niches with low RPM.

This doesn’t mean you have to ditch your passion for something dry as dust. But it’s smart to do a little digging upfront. Tools like Google’s Keyword Planner can give you a sneak peek at how those keywords in your niche are valued.

In fact, when doing keyword research with Google Keyword Planner, you will instantly understand that some niches are more profitable than others. For example, If you plug in the keyword “Insurance” into the GKP, you will see how much advertisers are willing to pay for the keyword.

Tony's Realm - Google AdSense: A Beginner's Guide to monetization in [year]

Did you see the top-of-page bid? It is an estimate that indicates the approximate amount advertisers are likely paying per click. Though this has nothing to do with your AdSense earnings, it gives you an idea of how profitable a niche is.

For example, if an advertiser is paying $52.66 per click to send customers from Google search to their website, don’t you think they will bid higher on your blog?

That’s the idea. However, choosing a good niche does not mean sacrificing your passion for a niche you know nothing about.

When choosing a niche for your blog, the niche should interest you and your readers. This is the only way you will produce better content tat can be monetized.

Traffic is still king

Another hard truth I need to tell you is that, even if your niche is going to pay high, your earnings will still be tiny if no one’s reading your blog.

Traffic is what every blogger needs to work on, even before applying for AdSense. This is very important because advertisers want their ads to convert. without traffic to your blog, ads will just sit there, and there will be no one to click on them. And that’s how you won’t make money.

The secret of driving traffic to your blog is by writing quality, in-depth posts that people actually find helpful and want to share, and optimizing it for SEO.

Writing high-quality content doesn’t mean writing 5000+ words, repeating points (or even pointless). Your content has to be concise and straight to the point.

Also, you will need to learn the basics of search engine optimization. This is all about helping your blog show up higher in search results, which means more traffic to your posts, and more ad expression.

But driving traffic doesn’t end with SEO. There are several other ways to promote your blog to get eyeballs on your content.

For example, you could use social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest to promote your blog. Or even get active on Q&A sites like Quora.

Get smart with Ad placement

Where you place those ads on your blog can make or break your success. So, for you to succeed with AdSense, you have to think like your readers.

First of all, your ads should be placed where your readers can see them. Most of the time, the best place to show it on your blog is at the top of your page (where it’s visible without scrolling). Trust me, ads at this spot get more attention.

But don’t force things here. The idea is to place ads without bordering your readers. Try to make your ads flow with your content.

If you are having issues with ad placement, you don’t have to worry anymore because AdSense has different ad formats, including Auto Ads. With this type of ad, you leave the work to Google. they will find the best spots on your website and place the ads for you.

Track what matters (Find room for improvement)

All those numbers and graphs in your AdSense dashboard might seem overwhelming. But trust me, they hold the key to maximizing your earnings! Pay attention to things like:

  • CTR Checkup: Is your click-through rate going up or down? This tells you if people are digging into the ads you’ve chosen.
  • Top Earners: Which pages are bringing in the most AdSense dollars? Figure out what makes them special and try to do more of that!
  • Location: AdSense can show you how different ad spots perform (like your leaderboard vs. those in your content). This helps you focus on the most profitable spots.

Building serious money with AdSense doesn’t happen overnight, no matter what those “get rich quick” schemes claim.

Getting Started with AdSense

Okay, you’ve built an awesome blog, and now you’re ready to see your hard work pay off – literally! Good news, Google AdSense is one of the simplest ways to start making money from all those fantastic posts. Let’s walk through the steps, from creating your account to seeing those first earnings roll in.

Step 1: Eligibility check

Before diving in, let’s make sure your blog is ready for AdSense. AdSense has strict policies, and every publisher must adhere to those policies.

First of all, you need to make sure that:

  • The content is yours: Original posts that you wrote yourself and follow Google’s rules are a must.
  • You are up to Age: Sorry, but you gotta be at least 18 years old for your own AdSense account.
  • Your blog topic is allowed: Most blog topics play nicely with AdSense, but there are a few exceptions. Double-check their list just to be sure.

To help you get prepared for Google AdSense, Read our AdSense approval checklist.

Step 2: Signup for Adsense

Head over to the AdSense website ( and quickly sign up for a free account. The screen looks like this:

Tony's Realm - Google AdSense: A Beginner's Guide to monetization in [year]
  • Hit that “Get Started” Button to get started.
  • If you use Gmail or anything else Google, you’ve got an account. If not, you’ll need to make one first.
  • Type in the main URL of your blog here, and choose your country.
Tony's Realm - Google AdSense: A Beginner's Guide to monetization in [year]
  • Click the “Start using AdSense” button once you are through

Once you click that button, your AdSense account will be set. The next thing you will need to do is set up your payment information and link your site.

Once your AdSense account is created, your welcome screen will look like this:

Tony's Realm - Google AdSense: A Beginner's Guide to monetization in [year]

Click the first blue box that says “Enter Information” to fill in your details. You will be required to enter your name and contact information.

After that, you will need to verify ownership of the site you’ve added to AdSense. That takes us to step 4.

Step 4: Add Code to your website for verification

Once you sign up, AdSense gives you a special bit of code for your blog.

Tony's Realm - Google AdSense: A Beginner's Guide to monetization in [year]

You will need to add this code to your blog, just before the closing </header> tag. You need to be a little bit techie for this.

If you use Site Kit by Google on your WordPress website, you might not need to add this code manually because the plugin will add the code for you, automatically.

Once the code is in, tell AdSense to review your site. This usually takes a few days, sometimes a bit more.

AdSense has two-level approval:

  • Account level approval
  • Domain level approval

Don’t feel bad if your site wasn’t approved, sometimes they just have to disapprove it if you breach any of their policies. If your account or site gets disapproved, AdSense will always tell you the reason why they disapprove your site. just make amends and submit again.


AdSense might seem super simple to start with, and it is! But don’t expect to see massive amounts of money rolling in overnight.

Building a real income stream takes time and effort. Think of it like training for a marathon – it’s about steady progress. Keep writing those amazing posts, growing your readership, and tweaking how you use AdSense. That hard work you put in now will definitely pay off later.

So, are you excited to give it a shot? If your blog fits the bill, what are you waiting for? Get signed up, add those ads, and start turning your passion project into a money-maker. The beginning might be small, but just imagine where your blog could be with a bit of time and dedication!

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